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We have kNOw Life!

kNOw Life, the comic strip created by Furrama, now has a home!

Updated Tuesdays!


EDIT: Feb 3

Sorry guys, I have become very busy (and I feel icky). I'll be graduating this semester and getting fat with a tiny person, and I need some time to sort things out. kNOw Life is a side project and I apologize that I won't be able to make new comics any time soon. I hope to resume, but it's kindof touch in go right now. If I do update it will be randomly and because I just felt like it. Hope you peeps understand.


I forgot that I didn't tell you guys.

kNOw Life will resume in January. Sorry, I got a little busy with some things.

Kiki Shirt Design

Kiki Shirt Design

Gift for of her zebra fox fursona, Kiki.

My Eraser Be Gone

I can't do the comic today... or much else right now. My last eraser went missing, and it's hard to do anything without it. You miss them when they're gone. And when you're poor....

Oh well, I guess I can catch up on writing today. I've been neglecting my Tree of Babylon novel because of kNOw Life and the internship stuff. I'll try and do a comic next week, hopefully I'll have an eraser before then. In the meantime enjoy fanart:

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