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August, 2008

Here you can find those sleeping news items...wake 'em up!!!

So where was I?

So where was I? Our internet cut out. From Tuesday till just now. So thats why no updates. I have last Tuesday's comic drawn out, just not colored. I'll get it up this Tuesday I suppose, and I'll catch up on my one commission and two trades this next week. Sorry guys, but I had no interwebs.


Comic Late Tuesday

Sorry guys, we were busy today, and try as I might I can't get the characters drawn correctly tonight. My hand is shaking for some reason, I think I slept on it wrong. So I'm going to try again later, so check back tomorrow evening for the comic.

Sorry about that, but you're still getting it Tuesday :P In the meantime, look at some silly Pokemon stuff I did the other day

(I've noticed that when I say Pokemon on this site the Google ads change from comics and tshirts to Pokemon cheats. It amuses me.)

Just One Comic

Alright, I've decided not to do two comics a week for now- this will probably change in the future. I currently have other projects I work on and they need my attention too. Some storyboard thing about a mouse and a video game project about hellhounds with Mcaden. If I do nothing but kNOw Life for too long I'm gonna get burned out, and with weeks like this last one two comics is a bit too stressful- and then I can't get anything else done. So for now, I'm just gonna do one. So come back Tuesday!

Sorry for the inconvenience-

Late Comic

Sorry guys, it's 1:21am here and we just got in from Missouri. Would have been here sooner, but about an hour or so into the drive the Weazle realized that he forgot his phone and we had to go back. I have the comic drawn and half inked, nothing colored and I planned on getting it up on time... but I'm sleepy and have hungry fuzzy 'fish' that want my attention. So it will be up later today. Look for it sometime in the afternoon.

Sorry, this will probably be one of many delays on comics in the future. I currently don't work ahead, and life happens. Later!

JC (Furrama)