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September, 2008

Here you can find those sleeping news items...wake 'em up!!!

Plans for this week

I've decided that I'm not doing a comic for this Tuesday as I have a hefty kNOw Life commission for Rae to take care of, but fear not! That will be posted here next Tuesday. kNOw Life will resume next week. I hope.

My time has been displaced somewhat, I FINALLY got the internship I need to graduate. And it's actually something I want to do and something that's actually going to happen. I'll link you to it here when the website teaser is up. It's all very exciting!


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Holy Purple....

I see Mcaden made the site a bit more purple than it used to be O.o

We got Ferfy fanart:

I've gotten fanart before, but it was about Kitteh. Let me show you those too real quick:

Fan comic:

If the purple doesn't come down soon I fear that the site will be eaten!