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October, 2008

Here you can find those sleeping news items...wake 'em up!!!

My Eraser Be Gone

I can't do the comic today... or much else right now. My last eraser went missing, and it's hard to do anything without it. You miss them when they're gone. And when you're poor....

Oh well, I guess I can catch up on writing today. I've been neglecting my Tree of Babylon novel because of kNOw Life and the internship stuff. I'll try and do a comic next week, hopefully I'll have an eraser before then. In the meantime enjoy fanart:

I broked it ...then fixed it

As Furrama's webmaster it seemed prudent to update the website software to the latest release for all the security fixes.

My host provided a nifty little link that said "click here to update". I clicked it and somehow missed the bright red text that said I'd lose all the extra files, modules, and themes...

So...I just spent the past hour re-uploading my theme and modules and found out...oh goody...NO IMAGES!

So, a big apology on my part goes out to Furrama and her loyal kNOw Life'ers as I re-upload all the images.


So I was thinking about holding a contest. So I will. Bwahaha.

Let's see your script writing skillz. Write (or storyboard) out a script for the kNOw Life gang to act out. Make me laugh. Winner get's their idea made by mwa, and a little something else.

Contest ends October 31 (Happy Halloween!)


1. Existing kNOw Life characters only (aka: has it ever been in the comic? Then you can use it).
2. It can be as long as you want, but make it as long as it needs to be.
3. Only one entry per person, so make it good. Make sure it's done before you send, I won't take a redo.