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Moore Family Commish

Moore Family Commish

For McAden:

Early on in my college days (not so long ago) I met a guy and his sister who had a menagerie of friends. I became one of them eventually, and one of the earliest conversations with them I heard went thus:

'(One of them) had a pet hamster, and upon finding that they weren't allowed to have pets in the dorms, had to let it go outside. It soon mated with the huge population of squirrels that live on the grounds, and soon the entire school was run over by squamsters and hurls.'

Well that guy has since gotten married and his wife (an old social club mate) is due (anytime now) to have a baby boy. He commissioned me a pic as a gift to her, a kNOw Life portrait if you will of them. So naturally, he had to be a hamster and her a squirrel....

I have 5 commission slots open now, come on down!